Howgills and Limestone Trail book promotion

Alfred Wainwright’s Walks in Limestone Country and Walks on the Howgill Fells guidebooks were the inspiration behind David and Heather Pitts creation of the Howgills and Limestone Trail long distance walk.

Following the recent reprints of these two guidebooks by The Wainwright Society we have put together this opportunity to purchase these two books along with the Howgills and Limestone Trail guidebook at a promotional offer of only £39 inc.P&P for all three books –  saving you £6 if you were to purchase them seperately.

Please click hear to view more details on this time limited offer

The Howgills and Limestone Trail pictorial guide

Completers Certificate

We have recently designed a Completers Certificate for those of you who have completed the total length of the Pennine Journey.

The certificate is A4 in size and laminated with handwritten details including your name and completion date. The cost of a certificate is £3.50 and this includes postage and packaging. 

Click here to download an order form to purchase your certificate.

Pennine Journey Completers Certificate
Pennine Journey Completers Certificate

Pennine Journey guidebooks

Copies of ‘A Pennine Journey‘, signed by David & Heather Pitt, can be purchased as detailed below.

The cost is £16.00 each (incl.p&p) or £15 (incl. p&p) to Pennine Journey Supporters Club members. Alternatively, why not buy both for £27.00 (inc p&p)? The net sale proceeds will go to the Pennine Journey Supporters Club.

Click here to download an order form to buy the guidebook as well as the option to purchase a Howgills and Limestone Trail guidebook by the same authors.

Pennine Journey guidebook
Pennine Journey guidebook

Pennine Journey Mugs

Pennine Journey mugs are available for sale with a contribution of £1 per mug going into Pennine Journey Supporters Club funds. Costs including Royal Mail delivery are:
1 mug:  £9.50 each
2 mugs:  £7.95 each
3+ mugs:  £7.45 each
For larger quantities please contact for prices

Click here to download an order form to purchase the mugs

Pennine Journey Mugs
Pennine Journey Mugs

Pennine Journey Cloth Badges

Pennine Journey completers can now get a cloth badge. The badge costs £9.50 including p&p with 80p going to Pennine Journey Supporters Club funds.

Click here to download an order form.

Pennine Journey cloth badge
Pennine Journey cloth badge

AW's 'A Pennine Journey'

The original copies of AW’s ‘A pennine Journey – The Story of a Long Walk’ have long since sold out. You can still find them on sites such as eBay in good condition and at reasonable prices.

The Wainwright Society has recently re-published copies of the narrative should you prefer to buy a brand new copy. These are available from The Wainwright Society

"A walking tour is a perfect holiday. It is exercise for the body, rest and refreshment for the mind, a sermon for the soul. You experience a lifetime of incident in a week."

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