Route Changes

Route Changes

This page provides up to the minute changes to the route since the publication of the guide. There are new maps available to print out and insert into the guidebook to help keep you on the right track.

Our volunteer ‘Route Monitors’ will periodically walk their assigned section of the Pennine Journey looking for blockages, route problems etc. and these are reported back to us and notified on this page. If you are aware of any problems on the Pennine Journey route or you wish to volunteer as a ‘Route Monitor’ then please email our Route Coordinator, Robert Cullen, on

Day 6 - Langdon Beck (B6277) to Swinhope Head (Weardale)

Guidebook pages 76 & 77
We have listened very carefully to comments from Monitors and Journeyers who have experienced some route finding difficulties on this stretch of the Pennine Journey.

Day 11 - Greenhead to Alston

Guidebook pages 119 to 130
This can be a difficult 17 miles over very wet terrain. ‘Black’ Hill gives a clue to terrain that seems to have been abandoned by man, with few waymarks PJ or PW and a sodden landscape. Careful attention to the guide book’s route maps supplemented when appropriate OS maps (43 & 31) is recommended.

Day 12 - Alston to Milburn

Guidebook page 139
There is now no need for wet feet when crossing Crowdundle Beck as there is now a magnificent footbridge.

Bridge over Crowdundle Beck
Bridge over Crowdundle Beck

Day 13 - Milburn to Appleby

Page 148
Go through the gate between the farm buildings to join a track.  Leave this soon to take a metal ladder stile on the left and, keeping parallel to the track, take a wooden step stile onto a lane and turn left.
There have been reports of a padlocked gate on this lane before the road is reached but the gate is not  actually padlocked: it is closed by a chain that loops through the gate which does contain a padlock. The lock is not part of the actual fastening and the gate is in fact easily and quickly opened. 

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Day 14 - Appleby to Kirkby Stephen

Guidebook page 157
Following major redevelopment in the vicinity of Ploughlands, the PJ path has moved. From the guidebook text, walkers will arrive at the concrete road adjacent to the holiday cottages and large pond at Ploughlands. Here there is a clearly signed display board. See photographs.

The subsequent finger post with PJ sign directs you over the brow of the hill to drop down to a bridge/stile. Once over this, head for the metal gate with a half hidden waymark. Through this, follow the hedge on the left through 2 fields to reach the road at GR 749129. Turn left into Little Musgrave to reconnect with the main route.

Day 15 - Kirkby Stephen to Garsdale Head

Guidebook page 171
A new section of the Pennine Bridleway just beyond High Dyke now makes for an easier descent from the The High Way down to the Moorcock Inn. The track is followed without any problems to Hell Gill Bridge soon after which, at a fork, keep left. 

Guidebook page 171 map
Guidebook page 171 map

The High Way continues on to High Dyke where the new Pennine Bridleway affords a better way of descent down to the Moorcock Inn. Ignore the PJ waymaked finger post here and continue along the High Way crossing over Johnson Gill. Turn right at a Pennine Bridleway waymark and follow the waymarked posts to reach the B6259 with the Moorcock Inn close by on the left.

Day 16 - Garsdale to Sedbergh

Guidebook page 176 – 178
This section of the walk is potentially one of the best days if good weather prevails. Although the ground conditions can be very wet and the path as far as Uldale House is often more on the map than on the ground, it is no worse than parts of the route already experienced! Again as long as there is good visibility. We do suggest you have an OS map and compass with you. Do look for the PJ waymarked gate above Rawthey Gill at 745947

When you reach the minor road from Needle House, consider the weather and how much rain has fallen in the last few days. The crossing of Wandale Beck is a major hazard after heavy rain with no stepping stones to help in crossing the beck. Consider turning left on the minor road to the A683. Walk along this very carefully and re- join the route by taking the track crossing at Handley’s bridge – page 176

This cautionary note can also apply to the crossing of Backside Beck, named in the text on page 178 but not named on the map. The beck flows through the settlement of Narthwaite and can present a potential hazard after heavy rain. Please consult your map and stay on the A683 as far as the footbridge at the Cross Keys but again please take care. It is a busy road!

Day 17 - Sedbergh to Ingleton

Guidebook page 193 – 194
The Pennine Journey route now follows the road into Ingleton from Beezley as a payment is now required to walk down by the falls.

Guidebook page 193
Guidebook page 193
Guidebook page 194
Guidebook page 194

Route Addendum

As a response to those journeyers who have queried the omission of Penyghent from the Pennine Journey route, Ron Scholes has produced this ‘merged’ map from his route maps of Penyghent done for the Pennine Journey and Howgills and Limestone Trail guide books. Using this to continue on to the top of Penyghent before dropping down to Horton in Ribblesdale will enable all future journeyers to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks within their Pennine Journey.

Penyghent route addition
Penyghent route addition

"I enjoy a mist; it hides you so completely. If it is a mist on a mountain top, there is not a person in the world to witness your actions; you are as alone as the first man on earth."

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